About Us

With a passion for fashion, a desire to bring beauty to everyone and moreover, a desire to contribute to creating a new image for the fashion industry, Pandoratee has focused on investing in on product quality and design so that the Pandoratee brand becomes a name closer to customers.
With the motto “BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY”, Pandoratee wishes to bring customers the best products so that you can not only express your personality but also spread positive and strong energy to the surroundings.

Core Values

Whether you are a strong, independent person or a gentle, sweet person, Pandoratee believes that she can meet your daily wear needs. You don’t need to change your style to follow the trend, as a modern person, you should take advantage of fashion to refresh yourself and create youthful and positive energies yourself. In addition, Pandoratee also makes continuous efforts in diversifying product lines to bring more choices to customers.


Professional, dedicated and honest staff.
Customer Service and Consulting.
Brand Identity Department.
Video and photo department.
Delivery department.

Our goal

Products – Quality – Prestige – Professionalism.
Continue to become the leading retail website.
Expand sales to all over the world.
Give customers peace of mind and satisfaction when shopping at home.
Constantly searching and updating clothing models, hot trends in the market to meet the needs of customers.

We are committed

Reasonable prices, enthusiastic advice.
Fast shipping.
Attentive after-sales.
Many attractive promotions.
The best place to provide information and product advice to customers.
Potential partners and reputation of suppliers.